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Imports from China

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Imports from China

Our company offers services in the import of goods and equipment from the People's Republic of China.

We provide:
- search for goods according to the client's request,

- technical expertise - supervising the quality of the imported goods / equipment and its functionality directly at the manufacturer as the goods / equipment leaves the production premises,

- business side - supervision of import to Slovakia, customs clearance of goods and import to the place designated by the client.

Strategy and Marketing

We also offer for our clients and partners experience in strategy, marketing and place products on market.

● Market analysis in terms of competitiveness and setting prices on market.

● Entering new markets with the potential to set a proper strategy, promote successful branding and direct marketing.

● Analysis on regular bases match to market requirements and competition status.

For logistics and warehousing solutions we offer customized solutions with efficient organization of distribution and supply to proper destination.

Direct marketing and advertising of products, to be competetive and adapted according to the client needs.

Retail and Wholesale

We provide partners with the quality and range of services ensuring their reputation sustained customer interest and maximum achievable effect.

IT & Telecommunication & Innovative Technologies

● Building IT infrastructure, integrating network applications with end-to-end services

● Integration of IT solutions for communication systems

● Research and development in the field of intelligent IoT technologies

● Integrating R & D into technology and business strategies

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